Not Today, Thank You podcast

I like Jake Yapp, I am a Yappster. I definitely don't listen every day to his silly, funny, and quite often pointed UK podcast. He and cousin Davey love the older, hidden, weirder side of humans desire to make music and I always actual LOL!

Pop the Not Today, Thank You podcast into your podcast subscriptions list, set it to only keep the latest couple episodes, and have a bloody good time as you commute to and from your work pod.

Music! News! Jokes! A daily podcast, recorded and streamed live on YouTube each morning at 10am (UK time) looking at what's happening in the world through the lenses of music and comedy. Jake Yapp, as seen and heard on Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe, Radio 4 and 6Music, collaborates with listeners across the week to create a mini-musical which debuts each Thursday. And on Fridays, Davey brings along a selection of audio esoterica to astound and delight you. 
Twitter: @NotTodayPod. Text and voice message Whatsapp: 07862032654 
And watch, Monday-Thursday at 10am on YouTube: 
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