I Believe In My Particular Army

This was a draft and who knows what I was saving it for ... BUT, my reason doesn't need to be known or stop you from listening.

I suspect the title is a reference back to an earlier post, "The Problem Today Is Obvious, It's Me!":
The divide between the armies is where I live. 

Pick your battle to discover which armies you most closely align with and down in the divide you'll find me.

The Infinite Monkey Cage podcast
Brian Cox and Robin Ince are joined on stage by comedian Shazia Mirza, science writer and cancer researcher Dr David Robert Grimes and psychologist Prof Karen Douglas to look at the weird world of conspiracy theories. From Flat Earth believers to people who refuse to accept that humans have ever been to the moon, why is fiction often so much easier to believe than fact - and does it matter? They discuss the psychology and profile of people who are more likely to believe in conspiracies and the devastating effect some, like the anti-vaccine movement, have had on public health. They ask whether being irrational is our default setting and how to convince the most hard-core believers with the power of evidence and critical thinking. Although they would say that wouldnt' they?


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