Walled Gardens SUCK!

Apple of course is one of the most famous walled gardens going, for instance FaceTime only works on the limited mobile devices they release. Why they can't make software for other platforms is beyond me.

Tilted black and white photo of a prison wall

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and to an increasing extent, Disney+, are also walled gardens. 

[I'm sure you can list others]

Oh sure, these are general access walled gardens which, for a mere $20/month, allow you to live the myth that it's totally open so you can wander around and cherry pick anything.

If you're looking for general release movies or TV shows then it probably doesn't matter which one you plump for, they all have the same stuff at some point.


With massive amounts of money these walled gardens are now creating movies and TV shows just for those inside the walled garden.

This sucks, killing cinemas, destroying broadcast TV, making it a rich persons plaything, and removes the commons. 

$20 for Netflix

$20 for Amazon

$20 for Apple TV

$40 for Sky Sports.

And here in NZ it was Sky Sports that 'educated the market' in order to make some people rich.

A wall is built by people for a reason and it's rarely for the benefit of visitors.

Walled gardens SUCK!


  1. This from th Guardian is a timely article:
    Amazon’s purchase of MGM is a reminder that movies and shows are just commodities to be traded and hoarded



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