Will The Past Become History?

Seems I'm stuck in a loop writing about the past at the moment, ugh.

This is the signal box at Paekakariki and, as you can imagine it's no longer a working thingy but holds all the pulleys, handles, and accoutrements a signalman (was there ever a signalwoman?) would need.

There's a lot of things from the not so distant past that people have restored and we the great unwashed can go look at and take photos of.
Paekakariki restored signalbox
As life becomes more and more digital, throwaway, and even just ephemera I wonder what peeps in the near(ish) future will be visiting and looking back on.

I'm sure there'll be loads eh, just being an old person really.

Mind you, the librarian of now, Google, is an ever changing beast, what old "Google" would you want to visit?


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