Streets Of Gotham

Ok, it's just Chews Lane but "Streets of Gotham" makes for a much more dramatic and engaging title.

Oh the stories Chews Lane could tell, well, I'm thinking of one in particular.

I'd heard that persistence is the key to life and in the late 1990s I was putting this to the test by being oh so charming.

"Ask 100 people if they fancy a fuck and whilst you'll get 99 slaps one will say yes. But the challenge is you don't know whether that will be the first person you ask or the one hundredth."

Another Friday night out at The Malthouse on Willis Street, just up from Chews Lane.

"Hi, do you fancy a fuck?"

I couldn't tell you how many "No!"s I had received over the past weeks, but I can happily say there were no actual slaps even though they would've been totally warranted.

"Um, yeah, sure."

Chews Lane at night, Wellington (black and white)

Chews Lane was very different back then, a lot darker, quite dingy and for a brief moment in time the location of a frantic, lovely, and satisfying shag.

Nope, I didn't know her name, and I don't believe she knew mine.

So Chews Lane, it's changed and unlikely to be the spot of such fun ever again, maybe.


  1. A friend passed on a comment upon reading those words that I think should be shared:

    You actually approached women with that question? As someone who has had that, or variations, yelled at her from all quarters over the years can I please advise anyone reading this to never do that.


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