It's OK To Like The Past

There's much about the past that can be nasty, wrong, and downright dumb. It is valid to reevaluate those specific times, take appropriate remedying behaviour if possible, and to lay them to rest. I've spent a good 5+ years doing this with my own life and I'm sure I'll be doing it for quite some while after posting this article.

As an aside, I so wonder what is it that young(er) people are doing now that will require remedial action in 20 years time?

It's definitely healing to revisit the past and lessen the pain of those that were affected by societies ills as made real by people's individual actions.

It's also equally valid to like the some of the past, bring forward behaviours, thinking, and attitudes and take appropriate behaviour to ensure that they are not lost.

Being bored is one such relic of the past I look fondly upon and revel in when it comes upon me. When I'm bored I write and I am  always glad I did.

In this ever increasingly "them vs us", "with us or against us", "pick a side" society we must remember to be kind, kind to ourselves, kind to those around us, and kind to those that have lived to get us here.

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