The clockwork universe: is free will an illusion?

A fascinating read, "The clockwork universe: is free will an illusion?", with quite incredible implications.

“On the deepest level, if people really understood what’s going on – and I don’t think I’ve fully internalised the implications myself, even after all these years – it’s just too frightening and difficult,” Smilansky said. “For anyone who’s morally and emotionally deep, it’s really depressing and destructive. It would really threaten our sense of self, our sense of personal value. The truth is just too awful here.”

My brain leans heavily towards we don't have free will but my heart (you know what I mean) is quite disturbed by what it could actually mean. More reading required ... I s'pose I will happen when it happens.

The Guardian: The clockwork universe: is free will an illusion?


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