My First Sydney Office

Back in 1999 I was wooed over to Sydney by a company called ECG, the APAC partner and reseller of a BI tool called Business Objects.

I had helped them setup and use Business Objects within the NZ Department of Corrections so knew the tool and the people, and had a personality that was fit for pre-sales. I was also recently separated (maybe even divorced), and keen to go live in Sydney for a bit. Aaaaand a flatmate had just moved there, so he could put me up for the first few nights.
[more about the move here ...]

So, off I went, over the Tasman to the Great West Island.

I quickly found myself an apartment in Chiswick and after a week of induction and learning the sales ropes the first client I was to see was Coca-Cola Amatil, housed on Circular Quay.

I caught the rivercat on a sunny Monday morning, stood outside on the deck and marvelled at the views as they went by - Sydney suburbs, Luna Park, the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House - I pinched myself.

First day of work and this was my commute, me a lad from Wales, it was fucking unbelievable, surreal, and quite possibly one of the most magical moments I've ever had.

Back in July 2018 I zipped back over to Sydney to catch up with my mate Karen. Having an early morning walk around Darling Harbour as I waited for the workers to finish their working I saw that my first client location has now gone and is a hole (or it was when I took this 2018 photo, must be finished by now, Shirley)

Happy memories.

A hole where a job used to be


I went looking in Google Maps. Yes the building is now apartments BUT Google's Street view has this delightful piece of history (as well as a satellite view that still shows the building hole) - bottom left, there's the proof, LOL

Google Street View of old Coca-Cola Amatil.buikding on Circular Quay (Sydney, Australia)
Google Street View of old Coca-Cola Amatil building on Circular Quay (Sydney, Australia)


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