First day home for "bub"

Ai, it was all go this morning around 10am as Liz called to say the doc was all fine and dandy about her coming home. Into the car hopped Sarah (sis-in-law and driver coz she knows where she's going) and I leaving Jack to have "TV, on!" and await the home coming. There wasn't a lot of stuff for us to pick up as I and Sarah (I think, maybe Jane) had taken a lot home yesterday evening. Pack up the one bag (no, not referring to Liz!), strap the girl into the Plunket car seat and off we toddle.

Coming home was all about reconnections, trying to keep both kids happy and not get on each others nerves - funny how after only a few days you get used to having things in a certain way.

Meg is an extremely un-fazable baby (at the mo') and even endured her Guthrie test from Joan (midwife) without waking up sorry, couldn't find one hit when I Googled "Gurthries test". Jack has been very happy to have Mum home and is extremely excited (ie, loads of running around) because, I think, Meg ("Bub") is here. He loves touching her, poking her (have to watch that) and fiddling with her extremities (fingers, ears, toes etc) - I think he's discovering that she's not actually a toy.

He did, yesterday, ask:
"Bub, head, off?"
... "Um, no, Bub's head doesn't come off"
"Oooh! Bub, head, off ... no"
"That's correct"

I think he's still sorting out all the changes and there are a lot even though even I, a growed up, can't actually put my finger on it all just yet. It's ... different. Good and the way it should be. But different.

I love these two pictures - me with Jack and Meg followed by Liz feeding as Jack copies and feeds his own "bub".

And I love this one - something I think Jack and Mum had been hanging out for. With more energy from Liz, a little bit of space from Meg and acceptance from Jack of the changes there's gonna be soooo much more of.


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