Booked in for 12:20pm to see the consultant

Image hosted by[Udapted 2:34pm]
Met with Simon who was extremely nice, very efficient and signed all the papers we could ever require to get induced. We now wait for the mid-wife to call the hospital and make the appointment (tomorow!!!) and then we're in.

We're off to some clinic on Oxford Terrace to have a 'consultation' with the obstertian/obstairtrician/... baby-dude called Simon Jones. Once that has happened the mid-wife will book us in at the hospital to be induced - we've asked for tomorrow (Thursday) to which the mid-wife thought we were "pushing her"!?!? To ensure we don't have to have a second consultation we're gonna ask for a prescription for prostaglandin (the stuff that is used to induce).

A "second consultation", where the bloody hell did that come from?! I am definitely of the opinion that it's far better in Wellington where the process was transparent, up front and they kept to their own deadlines. Here it's a voyage of discovery and it changes every step - not what you want when you're about to give birth for fucks sake!!

So, the saga continues but we're definitely getting there.

And the CDHB policy is that the baby is out within 10 days of the due date (ie, today) and so we've been told by the mid-wife that she'll be with us by Friday ... BUT, as I said, we're going for tomorrow (Thursday).

Oh, and I'm now not at work for 2 weeks, so bring on the daughter ...


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