Meg is doing awesomely and Mum is tired

Liz had a grand day today and is starting to get some sleep which means life looks a little rosier for her. I'm spending half my time with Jack (the mornings) and then half in the hospital with Liz to give her a break before heading home to put the wee fella to sleep and spend the evening catching up with life.

Don't think I'm doing this alone though! Carol (ma-in-law and super Grandmother) is doing all the hard yards with Jack ably and totally supported by his cousins Char, Zoe and Jacqui.

Liz's siblings here in Christchurch have all been amazing and the last few days would've been so much harder without them. Big hand to Jane (on duty with Liz this morning) and Sarah (being more then available and running around after everyone).

To everyone else in Christchurch that's visited, dropped off pressies and sent flowers - thank you so much and huge hugs. Um ... especially Pen, the Harringtons beer is going down a storm.

Everyone that has txt'd, left voicemail messages, left a comment on the blog or been in to see us - thanks so much from both Liz and I, it is has been mighty. We're saving all your words for Meg so she can see how fantastically she was welcomed into the world!

So that's it - tired but recovering Mum, feeding and (sometimes) sleeping Meg, curious and well attended to Jack and a proud-as father Mike. The last word goes to my two beautiful kids and my stunning wife - I love you all so much.


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