England v All Blacks: 16-13

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNo, that wasn't the score - that was the number of players that each side seemed to have. It started at 15-15 until the second half when it became clear it was 16-15 and then 16-14 followed by a drastic period of 16-13.

All of which makes the actual score at the end of the game quite remarkable: All Blacks 23 England 19

The English 'power pack' were quite naff actually and the huge dude (name evades me) was out played and sometimes out muscled by Hayman - awesome work. The handling errors from the backs was probably the standout let down by the men in black, shame. Overall the team didn't gell quite as well as we all would've liked and it took quite a few minutes (may a full half) before Dan Carter got into his stride. I don't rate the ball from Kelleher either, but he was targetted.

What did the coaches think:
Having said all that, the win was totally deserved and it's something the boys can be extremely proud of. I was certainly on the edge of the sofa with 5 minutes to go! And it's one in the eye of the English after voting for Japan!!


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