I'm watching your every click

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd I know how that annoys some people but it's true - I know where you are in the world, I know how you arrived here and I know what browser/operating system you use.

How? Because I've been using, amongst other tools, StatCounter for quite some time now.

But maybe I'll know even more. How? Because I'm trialling Google Analytics

Watch this space and I'll let you know what I know about what you're doing ...

[Updated 17-Nov]
After a few days I got some data to review (nothing startling and I'm not challenging Yahoo! or MSN in their top Internet site status ... yet). I am, however, very happy with what is offered and will no longer be using StatCounter. The main reasons are that Google Analystic offers:

  • Unlimited log (well, 25 million visits, that's unlimited for life for me)
  • Excellent presentation of statistics
  • Ability to set "goals" and see how well they did

Of course, I have a Google account so I have no issues with the beast of the Intranet having all my info :-)


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