My final words

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNo, I'm not stopping the blog ... yet, that day will come.

As I sit here at the very beginning of one life (10 months+) and enjoy the first few years of Jack I did remind myself of the words that will, if I can keep it together at the appropriate time, be my final words this time around:
The gold's hidden in the ...

I've always wanted to say that as my last dying breath leaves the old and well used body. Just like them old gold diggers of the West Coast. Yup, I'll even try and put on the accent if I can!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOh, in my mind I see myself dying after being hit by a bus (or some such road vehicle, not a lorry/truck). I am surrounded by people, someone pushes themselves forward with a, "Step aside, step aside, I'm a doctor". A small child is huddled into his mothers legs. A woman weeps and whispers to her neighbour, "Such a fine looking gentleman, what a shame".

A lone dog howls in the distance.

The doctor leans forward, I cough up some blood, I pull him closer and:
The gold's hidden in the ...

With a massive grin on my face I slip away.

Anyone else has such morbid delusions of grandeur?


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