Hospital at 8am, home by 10:30am

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNo Meg though.

We've been in, had the prostaglandin inserted and all the written forms sorted. Joan, Liz's midwife, has prepared for all eventualities and filled in all the forms necessary which is awesome.

After Liz lying down for an hour waiting for the prostaglandin to do it's thing we were then told, by the hospital, that we would go home and come back later.

Called a cab and here we are.

Liz is in her own bed fast asleep (I hope) and the twinges are happening but nothing you could really call a contraction.

We go back to the hospital by the latest 2pm. I think Liz'll get 'prostaglandin part 2' and then we stay there no matter what. If, after another 6 hours, nothing has happened I think decisions will be made and my view is that Meg will be coming out via the sunroof.

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