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There is so much in this that screams WELLINGTON! Find the 10 "This has to be Wellington" items, and list them below to be in to win ...

Liz and Meg are home tomorrow

So the real work starts then ... crickey!

Gonna be good to have them back and I know Jack will really be able to start building his relationship (in whatever form it might take) with Meg once she's around a whole stack more. Be interesting to see how he reacts once he realizes that Mums new toy is here for ever.

And, of course, Liz and Jack can spend some quality time - she's missed him and he her.

So, can't spend too much time blogging and buggering around on the interweb as I got sheets to clean, beds to make, toys to put away, TV programs to tape, photos to catalog, presents to get ready, clothes to fold away and beer to drink.