Your government to be decided by a spreadsheet

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis will be my only "Decision 05" (ick!) posting after keeping my election pledge of no election garbage on my Blog(s).

And I don't really have that much to say. I seemed to go on for bloody ages but on clear reflection it didn't actually. Having voted some time ago I was very much over it for the past week or so.

The banter from the parties was all fairly normal and I don't subscribe to this, "It was the dirtiest campaigning since 19..." view - it was standard politiking without much point.
The Winston electorate stuff was the closest I got to interest ... oh, and Blumsky's night escapade was quite humourous

Last night Liz and I wandered off to the movies to see Wallace and Grommit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit around 7:45pm and both TV channels were getting into the spirit of things. I did like the slightly less pompous approach from TV3 and particularly John Campbell towards the end of the evening.

We returned from the film slightly underwhelmed unfortunately, it had some great one-liners in it but generally the film didn't work as well as the earlier Wallace and Grommit stuff (do check out their Cracking Contraptions on-line though). Definitely not as good as Chicken Run, but that's OK as we've got Potter 4, Kong, Wonka and Narnia all to come before the end of the year.

Anywho, we returned and I settled into the sofa with Carol (ma-in-law) and a bottle of red to watch the rest.

It was quite fascinating ... the wine obviously was helping.

I was only really interested in 4 electorate seats and the overall outcome.
  1. Rongatai: Labour held
  2. Wellington Central: Labour held, although I see Blum-hic-sky is in via the list
  3. Epsom: Rodney got in - on him, I've grown to quite like him
  4. Tauranga: Winston loses but is still in; the fun survives
Love that fact that the Maori's hold the balance of power :-)

And so, there it all is. Done and dusted - yeah, I know there's lots of horse bargaining to do but this has even less to do with me than the previous month of party political advertising.

Don't forget, you didn't vote for the government, you voted for the make-up of Parliament. The rest is all down to the constitutional procedures and inter-personal relationships of the MP's.
AND, if you didn't vote - don't whinge near me.


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