It's snowing

[Updated 2:30pm]
Well, it all seems to be melting away. Took me a while to get home and it was quite a hairy ride on the bus. I wonder if they're still running. What next, flooding from all the melting snow?

See everyone tomorrow back at work and try and start the week one more time.

Photo's: Work / Home

I understand that this is a once-in-10-years event, snow in Christchurch. In fact the last time it happened Jack's nearest cousin (in age) was being born.

[Updated 10:42am]

All buses stopping at 12pm (midday)
I'm off home

[Update 10:30am]
Oooh, still snowing heavily and they're now shutting all the schools.
The buses are still running but not up to the hills - this may change. Thankfully there is only one set of hills, The Port Hills :-)

We may have to go home early - yaaay!

One thing - there's nothing on-line to let people know what's happening. Shoddy! I had to call the Metro Info (03-3 66 88 55).

This isn't a little bit of snow on the hills in the distance, oh now. It's snowing very heavily and sticking here in the city centre. I love it!

I've brought the camera in so I'll go and take a few photo's

Enjoy the day whereever you arrrrrrr!


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