Further to the awesome Google Desktop

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI've had a bit more of a play with the Google Desktop which brings all the info out there on the Web to your fingertips and I have to say I'm starting to really love it.

It's grown from the kick-ass Google Desktop Search (which is, I have to say, still the finest and most used feature - I lose nothing anymore) into a fully integrated 'info centre' / 'portal' / 'personal service' - whatever you want to call it.

But apart from the slobbering from me why am I posting this - four more things I'd like to bring to your attention:

Google Talk - Desktop is fully integrated with this IM.
It's all there in one place. And, the IM replaces the previous GoogleMail Notifier - all in one place again. Note: this is a separate download item at the mo' but once both are running they integrate themselves.

Integation with Outlook - if you're still using Outlook (and not moved on to Gmail) then do not fear, the Google Desktop Search is fully integrated and will load a toolbar into yoour Outlook if you want. Make finding emails/contacts/calendar events sooo much easier

Enterprise Edition
- something for the serious business

Plug-Ins - the geeks of the world are furiously writing panels (as they call each little info service provider) that you can download and use. Everything from indexing weird stuff, integrating other email systems, adding iTunes to your GoogleDesktop. All very nice.

Don't forget that all these items are still "Beta" which means they change as Google upgrade them and add features. In my experience though "beta" for Google means 95% there and see how it all works. They also run loooong beta timescales. The first real release is usually loads better incorporating most of the stuff you wanted and was asked for.


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