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7 weeks to go, we're starting to think about planning

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWork is extremely busy for me (in a very good and totally loving it sort of way) and one of the key components of this busy-ness is the major deliverable I have to produce for mid-November (well, probably a week or two before that). This, of course, is exactly the same time as Meg's impending entry into the world of the Riversdale's.

All a juggling act.

But it has concentrated the mind somewhat. We know where we're going for the birth, we know where we're going if we have to move (all digits crossed that we don't have to - Liz is thinking that we won't anyway; put it out to the universe and make it so).

I haven't chosen who I'd like to have with me during the whole malarkey. Last time it was Emma and that worked an absolute treat. We had a laugh in between the boring times (quietly, of course), kept each other alert and ready and generally ready for any action required.

It also meant that one could go and have a rest, get some food and the like and Liz was never left alone.

And finally, but probably the most important was the emotional support from having someone else there.

So, in the next few days I'm gonna have to invite someone (or maybe have a few ready to go at the drop of the proverbial hat) to be there with me as Liz and Meg do there thing. Some of the "attributes" I'll be looking for are:
  • Calmness under pressure
  • A giggle and willing to "supply the entertainment" when required
  • Gets how Liz and I want to have the birth happen
    all natural if possible but "safe baby, safe mother" is the outcome so go medical when required
  • Knows the city and how to get around it
  • Won't try and take over

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