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Week 31, Starting to get wearisome

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWhilst it's always cool growing a baby (I mean from a non-"actually having to do it" perspective, of course) Liz seems to be moving from "glowing in motherhood" to "crickey, this is getting more and more tiring". She's getting quite round and very sticky-out in the tummy region with the prospect of the final few weeks producing quite a cartoon-like person.

Oh, for those that don't know it's the final 10 or so weeks that the baby really pushess out the tummy of their kind and caring host, demands more and more nutrients and basically wears poor old mum down a lot.

By then the, "Be glad when she's out" becomes quite a common response to, "How's it all going".

From my point of view (a caring father) I have to be lot more watchful and attentive of Liz. She's gonna need more and more "protection" - not from wild animals or jealous mates from within the tribe but from from the day-to-day rigors of life in the 21st/22nd century (which ever we're in).

And how does that happen now - taking the wee man away on adventures whilst Liz and Meg get some downtime during the afternoon. But also ensuring the family don't get too demanding, we're doing things for us (we're still partners and not just mum and dad) and take as much of the chores off her list (I can always console myself with, there'll be back on her list soon enough).

Meg seems to be growing and growing in all the right places. We can feel actual body parts when she wakes up to do her gymnastics ... nice but a tad too "Alien-esque" for me sometimes. And without having had the time Liz has had with her I'm still a bit 'not quite connected'. Soon enough, soon enough.

We (ha ha ha ha, that's the royal we), sorry, Liz might be experiencing Braxton Hicks' as well.

Before I go two more things:
1) If you're expecting a baby then don't let people call you Mum-TO-BE or Dad-TO-BE ... you're already a Mum or Dad and you've started already.
2) ... bum, forgotten the second one.

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