The Sound of King Kong's Music

Yep, with 13 weeks to go the latest Post Production Diary (PPD) is all about scoring the film. The NZ Symphony Orchestra are holed up in the MFC in central Wellington doing whatever Howard Shore asks of them.

Here's the KongIsKing words:
Howard Shore score! Howard Shore score! I can hardly contain my excitement over this PPD! Howard Shore (sans retro cool glasses...what is it the 'thing' now to go without glasses?!) down in New Zealand with PJ working on the Kong score!! The production team have taken over the NZSO concert hall and retro-fitted a recording studio and soundstage. Take a LISTEN to a few small seconds of the Kong score! They are recording this thing RIGHT you read this! Someone get a mop for my drool!!

The world premiere is in New York on December 5th.
The NZ premiere is in Wellington (of course!) on December 14th.
General worldwide release is from 14th onwards.

First trailer is still the only one doing the rounds on the official King Kong movie website.
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