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That's the word, conservative.

I was warned that the good folk in Christchurch and the wider Canterbury region would be leaning towards the conservative side of life.

They're not rapid about it all. The ones I've met that is, or even seen. But you can just sort of tell that there's something deep inside them holding them back, not letting them be at one with themselves. You know, looking across the bus and wondering why everyone's not "normal anymore". It's all changed, it used to be better then ... is another thought I see flicker through the minds.

Not everyone. Of course. I don't know everyone ... yet.
And as people will gladly remind me - I dislike assumptions intensely.

But a lot of people.

As an outsider it can be a little disconcerting sometimes. Today I got on the bus to work with a coat hanger as I want to hang my jacket on a coat hanger when at work and not on the back of the chair. The looks of, "'Ere, that man's got a coat hanger ... weirdo" from all ages, genders and seats of the bus was quite ... well, bloody uncomfortable for 3 seconds but then hilarious. I giggled inside.

But that's fine - change can be hard and some people don't like it. If you're in a community that doesn't want change then it's probably hard to battle against it. And why should you, life's too hard anyway ... or something like that.

Well, sort of fine. One of the expression of this natural conservatism that I've noticed isn't so nice. When one expects everyone to be the same, act the same and generally be "normal" the natural politeness when faced with someone that could use your bus seat more than you is drowned out by the staring.

Of course I have an example. A guy got on the packed bus with a limp (if it sounds like a joke punchline should come soon ... it won't) and, after paying/Metro Carding, he starts down the bus. No one moves, no one including the many school kids (vast majority of them girls) move. Loads of staring, loads of wondering how the "man with a limp" got such a limp but no-one actually offering to assist. Yes, I did get up and give my seat.

One last example of the conservatism is the driving.

I have a whole rant reasoned posting coming about "Anticipation" especially in relation to Kiwi's, driving and lack of. But here in Christchurch they're just rude and don't think. Actually, I don't think this is related to conservatism ... I'll leave it there.