14 weeks to the King Kong premiere

The Miramar team are probably starting to feel the heat as the deadlines get closer and closer. The latest Post Production Diary (14 weeks to go) is all about digital doubles - read the KongIsKing blurb:
Wow...just...wow..that is all I can say about this weeks PPD...digital doubles! PJ gives us a quick lesson on how a digital double is made, how the digital teams go from scans to (naughty naked) computer models to fully rendered, photo-realistic digital versions of the actors! Watch Naomi's double walk on a computer screen with eerie realistic movement..amazing. Some great shots from the film as well, Kong running and jumping and throwing..really great stuff! 'Ok, I've been cloned...I'm going to lunch!' Take a look!

Release dates and Premieres
The world premiere is in New York on December 5th:

The New York Daily News reported early this year that the film's backer Universal Pictures had been in discussions with New York City officials about the premiere. One idea explored – but later dropped – involved hanging a giant King Kong figure from the side of the Empire State Building.

The studio was also considering a parade in New York, similar to a successful parade by Disney for the animated film Hercules which drew four million spectators, the newspaper reported.

(source Stuff)
If you book a flight with Air NZ (anywhere to anywhere) in the month of September you automatically go into a draw for 2 tickets to the New York premiere (flight there, accomodation etc etc) ... niiiice. 2nd prize gets to go to the Wellington premiere and 3rd gets a copy of the PlayStation game.

The NZ premiere is in Wellington (of course!) on December 14th and I think they're gonna go for something large - "the council knew about the premiere date and was working with the distributor "on a premiere event" for the city." (Stuff again)

General worldwide release is from 14th onwards.

First trailer is still the only one doing the rounds on the official King Kong movie website.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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