Inspector Gjelstad Looked Up The Stairs ...

Inspector Adam Gjelstad looked up the stairs and sniffed. The air hung thick with the smell of booze, bar fights, and scariest of all, Betty.

Re-Calling All London Based Readers, Help Me Celebrate The Beano's 70th Birthday

Um ... any news on someone going to The Beano Birthday Bash for Jack and I (mostly "I")?
Stu? Shona? Amy? Kim? ... ?

This from my previous post ...

Anyone pop along, get a program, take photos, steal original art?

Cartoon Museum - 35 Little Russell St, London, WC1A 2H

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Tinbum said…
Thanks for the reminder mate. I've been busy doing this, that and the other thing so forgot about Beano. I will pop along in the next couple of weeks. Anything in particular you are after?
Mike Riversdale said…
Not sure really, stuff ... thanks so much