NZ Party Party - 45 Members And 6 Logos In 1 Day

NZ Party Party (join on Facebook) is fast becoming the (slurred) voice of a bored nation.

Get involved:
  1. Join the party
  2. Give yourself an official NZ Party Party Officer title
  3. Pass it on via Facebook (open to those in the New Zealand network)
  4. Tell everyone - use one of the campaign poster/logos (or add your own)
  5. Await the invite to the party
Add you voice, put the logos (you choose) everywhere and let's see if we can get to 200 and then wring some money out of the tax payers for a PARTAY!*

(thanks to John)

And remember our founding principle from the NZ Party Party's grand poobah:
Man, I'm so BORED by this election already. Time to start the Party Party, we just wanna party! I'm accepting nominations, and counting on government funding, since Helen is keen that political parties be funded by government, rather than rich friends. Rich friends will be expected to host fabulous parties in their mansions for Party Party members.

* I have no idea how legal, correct or appropriate that statement is but hey, let's just go for it.


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