International Talk Like A Pirate Day, This Friday

Ahaar me beauties, 'tis this Friday 19th September ... THIS Friday!

What's it all about?
Why, when and what now and more of your nosey questions answered.

How to talk like a pirate
The ancient art of Pirate speech was almost lost. Thankfully we now have the following helpful guides to keep the language alive and well:

The full on "Talk Like A Pirate" kit
You can throw a party with (all in pdf): invitations, posters, badges and eyepatches ...

Where to get more info

More fun stuff


  1. Fri is the 19th, not the 16th. I mean, Avast ye scurvy dog! Friday be the 19th, not the 16th, arr.

  2. 'Ow dare yee spot my mistake yee scurvy landlubber ... *ahem* ... thanks, updated, *blush*


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