Parade Tomorrow, 12:45pm - Top Work Wellington Lions Ranfurly Shield Fellas

Not having Sky meant it was back to basics at the Riversdale's house as I had the radio on quietly in the kitchen area into which I popped to "fill a glass for a guest" and subsequently spent a couple of minutes hunched over the speaker to get the latest score.

Once our fine friends had gone Liz was subjected to the final quarter of me jumping around the room every time Wellington got close to the Auckland try line. Even she had a wry smile when they scored :-)

And so, it's parade time tomorrow (Tuesday).

For non-rugby people you have a day to ramp up the whinging, distaste and complaining - here's one to get you in the mood: "Why does my lunchtime have to be disrupted just because of a stupid rugby game!?!?"
The parade will start at 12.45pm in front of the old Government Buildings, make its way along Lambton Quay and Willis St, ending in Civic Square.

Source: Stuff - Shield fever on parade in Wellington


  1. i remember my last ranfurly shield parade (yes i am that old)
    they used to parade ths shield on Saturday mornings before the game in the afternoon

    lollies would be thrown from the backs of trucks and marching girls and marching bands and bagpipes filled the gaps

  2. :-) i remember my last shield parade, but i'm not so old -- i'm from Waikato.

  3. @Br3nda - niiiice.

    @styler - hee hee. No lollies this time but free flags, clapper thingies and stickers. Loads of loud speakers blasting out msuic. Oh, some guys at the front singing Exponents songs

    And lots of smiles


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