Smiles And Questions

Had the pleasure (sort of planned) be walking between meetings when the Wellington Lions Ranfurly Shield had their parade through the streets. And it made me smile.

In fact, that's what I saw an awful lot of; smiles from kids, smiles from respectable looking guys in suits, smiles from hip girls with mobiles; smiles from the team; smiles from everyone. All good!!

Oh, and I saw an awful lot of cameras - be interesting to see how many photos end up on Flickr.

Q1: How can the "market" decry Government intervention until it all goes tits up?

Q2: AIG collapse - how can the world's largest insurance company not have something put away for a rainy day?
(note: this question has been asked elsewhere but only original answers are acceptable in this exam)

Instructions: Use all the paper provided, no talking during the exam and if you need to talk to the invigilator raise your hand and wait to be asked.


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