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Project Calls For Ideas To Change The World

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Have a great idea to change the world? Google's Project 10^100 is helping you Impact Your World. People across 42 countries can submit their ideas for making the world a better place -- and Google has committed $10 million to turning up to five of those ideas into a reality


  1. Hi Friends..
    Google is celebrating its 10th birthday.
    So planed to sponsor $10 million for best 5 ideas.
    These are my ideas, submitted to Google. Please visit YouTube, give some good comment and rate it...
    You can login to YouTube using your Google accout..
    Thank You ;)... Please recommend to your friends also.
    Video is very fast.. b'coz 30 min is allowed. So please use pause button to read all..

    Virtual World - Project10tothe100 - Idea (project 10 to the 100)
    PressMeet - Project10tothe100 - Idea (Project 10 to the 100)


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