ZoomIn Now Runs On Google Maps ... I'm Sad

Whilst I totally and utterly support John and the ProjectX team in getting out of the way of the Google train before it runs them over I am still sad that ProjectX are no longer running an independent mapping service and has hopped onto the train.

Way of the world I s'pose.

But don't think they've shut up shop completely and are now re-focussing on:
  • Independent consulting on online map tools and frameworks. We’re used most frameworks and know intimate details of the pro’s and con’s of different data and mapping frameworks. We’re data neutral ie. we build web applications on any data. We’ve got experience building web services using GIS data from around the world - New Zealand (LINZ, Terralink, NZ Post), Australia (PSMA), USA (TeleAtlas). We’re framework neutral ie. we can build maps using any framework - Google, MapQuest, Virtual Earth, GeoSmart, OpenLayers, ModestMaps or even the ZoomIn engine.
  • Bespoke development - We build smart online map applications and widgets for a wide range of clients - Trade Me, SSC, GWRC, LTNZ and ARTA.
  • Software as a Service - We’ll be releasing soon some new API’s tools and widgets that will work on _any_ map.
  • Products - We build local search sites like ZoomIn and more coming soon ….


  1. At least Zoomin now have satellite images which they didn't have before. Unfortunately, Google's imagery of Wellington is sometimes up to 5 years old, so lots of stuff is *really* outdated.

  2. Your deck still not there?

  3. I think you'll find if/when the truth comes out that it wasn't a case of them hopping out of the way of a train - but of someone pulling the rug out from underneath them.
    In any case - I think it'll turn out for the best in the long run - with Google investing in a big way in getting their data sorted (launching their own satellite etc).

  4. So I understand - I suspect a local player made a dumb move and is suffering in many ways, dickheads.


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