Greg Page - no longer the Yellow Wiggle

I had a surge (steady!) of visits last Thursday and after a wee hunt around the stats (yes, I know all about you) I've discovered that it was people looking for the latest on Greg "Yellow Wiggle" Page. Unfortunately most visitors went to my last article which was way out of date.

And so, the latest is Greg will no longer be the Yellow Wiggle as he has a (genetically predisposed) neurological disease called orthostatic intolerance. His understudy, Sam Moran, will take over the famed yellow shirt.
Greg has left a (14Mb) video message to all his fans.

Other reports:
I have to say it's an end of an era and I know Jack is quite sad by it all. So, Greg Page, if you ever get to read this, thanks for the awesome singing and being a part of my sons early childhood, you made it loads of fun.


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