Keeping an (online) track of the little things in life

Mike's AllConsumingWith the move from ChCh-Changes to MiramarMike and the updating of the "About" page I've had to hunt around somewhere to stick the eve growing list of movies, books and music that respectively watch, read and bop-around-the-living-room to.

And after a disheartening search for a few days I'd given up.

Until AllConsuming came into my life. I can't remember where I saw it ... ooh, no, no, I can remember, it's on ... nope, thought it was Scary Duck (bringing you Queen Mum condolences such as, "Conk: "No matter how she felt, no matter the situation, she always wore a smile. Just like a retard" ") ... anywho, someone, somewhere in the blog-malarkey had one.

And now I have one.
A what??? AllConsuming that they tell me is:
... a website where you can track and talk about the books, music, movies, food and other items that interest you.

And it let's me:
  • list the books, movies, music, food (!?) and 'other' things I'm "consuming"
  • Stick a wee bit of code on the blog to let you know what's currently being enjoyed by the wondrous me
  • ... um, er, that's probably it
AllConsuming is part of the "43 Things" family ... which is all about:
People have known for years that making a list of goals is the best way to achieve them. But most of us never get around to making a list. 43 Things is great for that! Make a list on 43 Things and see what changes happen in your life. Best of all it’s a way of connecting with other enthusiasts interested in everything from watching a space shuttle launch to grow my own vegetables. So the next time someone asks you, “what do you do?” you can answer with confidence, “I am doing 43 things!”.
Here's a wee article on Read/Write Web about 43 Things.

By the way (BTW, for those that have always wondered) - don't read this if you're not interested in keeping lists of things, it'll be boring for you and you'll probably get frustrated having to let your anger out at the screen by shouting, "Who gives a fuck!! YOU SAD MAN!" .. you have been warned.


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