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Rcrtn mkt: chav/westie paradise
That's Riccarton Sunday Market in Christchurch to you and me. Liz and I popped along just before we moved back to Wellington as she is a market fiend and loves them - where are the good ones in Wellington and the surrounds?
Anywho. As we pushed the kids around it struck me that the place was full of self made tattoos, shell suit bottoms, bad teeth and a larger than allowed number of mullets. Chav's/Westies were out in force.

Was it just that day or every Sunday ... who knows. Oh, and the actual market is not too shabby (and the largest in NZ) so don't let me put you off.

Say thank you
Why doesn't anyone say thank you anymore? OK, you probably do at every opportunity. And I know I'm sounding like an old geezer (which I am/can be). But hey, it's bloody free, takes very little time and makes people smile.

Is the Newlands bus the ugly bus?
Now this isn't complimentary to those that catch the 57 (I think) bus from Woodgridge via Newlands into town. I'm sorry. But man alive, where are the good looking people. I don't mean where are the Catherine Zeta Jones look-a-likes, although that wouldn't be a bad thing. What I mean is where are the people with the sparkle in the eyes, the sense to dress and those that aer looking like the day is actually gonna be quite good and not like they're being shipped off to the gas chamber or down the mines.

Crickey, it's bloody depressing.

In it's favour: Sometimes it's free from Woodridge. Blowing away the favour: Playing The Breeze on the speakers .... Kids Idol today ... it was torture!

Y is 'easy listening' so bloody hard to listen to?
Following on from The Breeze comment ... why, why is it so bloody awful and hard to listen to?

Live in NZ & get best of Uk, bbc
There are, of course, a lot I miss about the UK - family and friends are top of the list and there's not a lot I can do that. But the rest is easy to get via the Web - the BBC is all online (mostly) especially the radio stuff, music is all downloadable, TYV is getting there (thanks to illegal uploads at YouTube) and books, newspapers and the like are all at my finger tips.

Oh, and one last thing - Hi to Wendy living out in the sticks (Petone ... hee hee, sorry Martha). Wendy is, I think, my most regular and loyal reader :-)


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