Merry Christmas at 4am

I sit here at the computer because Meg has been crying for an hour and it's finally got to me. For all her life we've been living in our people's houses and thus we've not really let her learn how to put herself to sleep with her nodding off either on one of us or coming into our bed - not a satisfactory situation. So, since we've been in our own place (and loooooving it) Liz and I have decided to put a stop to it.

Day (night) 2!

She takes about an hour to nod off and we've still got 30 minutes to go and I couldn't stand listening any more. She's a strong willed wee thing and despite calming down instantly when we go in (every 10, 12, 14, 16 minutes ...) she's not happy to be a part of the plan.

And boy it gets to me - it annoys me, makes me angry, upsets me to the core, distracts me, scares me ... everything, instinctively, is telling me to get to my daughter and console her as fast as possible. But that's just gonna strengthen that large rod for all our backs.

And so, here I am, at 4:13am on Christmas Day ... blogging.
It's gonna be a long one.

What's going on out there:
And finally, it's gonna be a big year for New Zealand sport in 2007. The biggie is the Rugby Union World Cup (Sept - Oct) in France/UK with the cricket World Cup also happening earlier in the year. The final part of the sporting puzzle is the netball and the World Championships which, after the Fiji coup and subsequent retraction of hosting rights, will now be held in New Zealand around November.


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