UK Photo's: The Best of July

[Updated] Oops, I have a few more from July than I thought (was looking at 'uploaded on' and not 'taken on'. There's a gazillion from my brothers Stag Do in various parts of Scotland.

It's been a while since we left the UK and arrived back in New Zealand but I thought I'd still show off a few of the photo's - think of this as your first evening in front of the slide show with a sherry in your hand as Liz and I take you through the July holiday snaps (blog postings)

Flickr: The start of the VERY hot UK summer Flickr: Family out at the Ponds (Forest of Dean) Flickr: Jack and Mike look at the animals Flickr: Jack and Mike near the centre of Hereford city Flickr: The front room Flickr: Betty and Meg at the Ponds (Forest of Dean) Flickr: Lads draped over a tank Flickr: Preparing for the rock climbing at the Highland Adventure Centre Flickr: Stag Do hits Rose Street in Edinburgh
We'll invite you back another evening for the more extensive August slides.

As you know we lost our camera on the plane from Singapore to Heathrow so we only have a handful of photo's from July :-(


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