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The best of Wellington as voted by yourself

The Wellingtonista voting has been completed, the entries tallied up and the winners announced on Friday - for a complete (and utter) review of the winners, nearly's and never got close's check out Jo's comprehensive Wellingtonista Awards 2006: the results (pictures from Haydn)

But here's the winners so you can now plan your week of entertainment and eating/drinking:
  1. When I am not having a martini, I like to drink a: caipirinha at Havana
  2. I spent all my rent money on dinner here, but at least when the bailiffs beat me to death I will die blissfully: Logan Brown
  3. I found $20 in my flatmate's room, so it'll be dinner at: Malaysian anywhere
  4. When even Winston Peters has gone to bed, the best bar to go to is: Havana
  5. Good things happen in the suburbs too, honest - like this place: Maranui Surf Club, Lyall Bay
  6. The Welly solution to a hangover is: Brunch at Fidels
  7. The place that's like, so totally over is: Jet Bar
  8. The single best thing I've had in my mouth all year: Schoc Chocolate
  9. How I entertain those from out of town who might not want to drink all day: Te Papa
  10. My favourite part of town is: Cuba Quarter
  11. Wellington most needs: light rail
  12. The event that made me get off my arse the most: the film festivals (1, 2, 3 & 4)
  13. If I wasn't eating out all the time this is how I'd DIY it food source: New World
  14. I look good because I am dressed by: Mandatory
  15. You can never buy too much stuff from: Parsons, Real Groovy, Iko Iko and Babylicious
  16. Most baddest wickedest evilest supervillan of the year: Kerry Prendergast
  17. Damn I'm proud you're from Wellington entertainer(s): The Phoenix Foundation and Flight of the Concords
  18. I love you the mostest Wellingtonian of the year: Blanketman
  19. Best foreign person or group to come to little old Wellingtown: the Rolling Stones
  20. Best dub dub duber- Web-Writing-Wellingtonian: Tom Beard
  21. If this building was a person, I would be making sweet luuurve to it right now: the Wellington Public Library
  22. My culture fixes are principally delivered by: The Paramount Theatre
  23. This suburb is so hot right now: Island Bay, Newtown and Petone
  24. Forget parking places, the best park is: the Botanic Gardens
  25. Best public art: the Bucket Fountain
  26. In 2007 I will resolve to: visiting more art galleries, supporting local businesses instead of chains, and learning to enjoy drinking martinis