Ahmed Zoui

I don't really care if he's in or if he's out BUT I think the phrase (as reported on National Radio as I came home tonight), " .... his human rights do not have to be taken into account .... " was daming of New Zealand and all it thinks it stands for.

In fact, I think New Zealanders live in a bit of of cloud cookoo land sometimes and trust the 'powers that be' far more than they should. They aren't ya mates and they aren't always doing what you think they should. Sir Ed isn't in charge and red socks won't help.

The All Blacks play a game. So do politicians.

This from Stuff:
Miss Clark said it was unlikely that the public would find out more about why the SIS have concerns about Mr Zaoui.

"The public expect us to do whatever we can to protect our borders and to make judgments about who should be residing in New Zealand."

Can you see the tensions in those two sentences?

This line:
the inspector-general of intelligence and security had only to decide whether relevant security criteria under the Immigration Act were satisfied, not determine what may happen to Mr Zaoui if removed from New Zealand;

scared me until I saw:
however the court also said the immigration minister or other ministers could not take steps to deport Mr Zaoui if they believed he "would be in danger of being arbitrarily deprived of life or of being subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment".
(all from Stuff but also at The Hearld, TVNZ and )

And here's me about to become a New Zealand citizen. And a bloody proud one as well.

Reality of what the government (small 'g' and non political) is doing is something everyone ... EVERYONE ... should care about!


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