Welsh wonders ... I wonder

Clive Woodward is hailing the Welsh players: "... don't think the Grand Slam [Six Nations] was a one off " and, what I think is more important, "These players are almost the heart-throb of the team."

As most who know me are aware I'm supporting the All Blacks during this test series because there are so many bloody English in the squad (and management).

But this has made me think twice. If the Welsh are truly holding the tour together and driving it forward then I'm much more ambivilent about the result. I recall how the '71 tour was Welsh driven ... hmmmm.

Might just choose on the day depending on ratio of Welsh players :-)

And if you're a Kiwi or Brit about to tell me to get off the fence ... fuck off and don't bother. I am in a special and fairly unique situation of being a Welsh/English person that calls Wellington (NZ) home. I am a passionate Welshman that has taken the All Blacks to heart.

If you're not Welsh/English/Kiwi then really, you won't get it and you're just have to deal with your own issues.


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