Week 19, Meg or Louie?

This is not Liz and those aren't my handsCome this Friday we'll know whether we're having a Megan or a Louie.
Yep, scan time.

Of course we also hope it turns up all the normal stuff and shows a healthy, wealthy (you never know) and wise baby. I'm sure it will.

Liz is all good. Few vom sessions but nothing serious. She's also had a few round ligament pains ... well, that's what I think they are but what do I know.

With all the second babies around (as mentioned last week) I'm definitely starting to look forward to the impending arrival. At Jacks birthday I had small people sitting on my knee, exploding babies to help clean up and some very cute crawlers to watch over.

AND, aren't girls weird? Not in a, "I'm a boy and therefore aren't ALL girls weird" sort of way. More of specific, "Aren't girls bits funny?"

OK, being a boy I'm used to willy's (willies - plural of willy is??). I have one. My Dad had one. And, of course, Jack has one. I know what they do. I understand their foibles.

I am used to willies. Having to help clear up a wee 11-week old girl took me by surprise a bit.

The poo was normal, that's '11-week-old' normal. Strange green colour. Was EVERYWHERE. Had a sweet odour that wasn't too unpleasant in small bursts but after 0.015 seconds removed all hairs from the inside of ones nostrils.

But when she proceeded to wee whilst being cleaned up (she's lying on her back) I ... I ... well, I stood there like I was seeing my first alien. I think my brain was just stunned and was too busy re-arranging the world-order to have time to answer questions such as, "Where is that coming from?"

My brain(I imagine my brain to be like a musty, 1930's country museum. It is full of fascinating things, lovingly packed into mahogany drawers, labelled in ink and curated by a cracking old fella that has all the time in the world to answer anyone's questions just as long as you give him a chance to find the correct reference cards. He sounds like John Gielgud)

My initial request for information took my poor old curator by surprise:

Me: "WHERE is that coming from?"
Museum Curator: "Um .. um ... our first reference check has an answer of 'from non-willy'!"
" ... "
"Hang on, um ... no .. no. There is no willy involved. This is a girl. We refer the gentleman requester to 'girl' in previous life experiences"
" ... "
"Excuse me sir but more information has been supplied by Eyes and we can hone our answer to 'from fanny'"
" ... "
"Mr Hodkinson has just passed on that (and I quote), 'Wee is bubbling from vagina". Mr Hodkinson is doing sterling work back here sir."
" ... "
"In reference to previous answer it has been determined that 'bubbling' is incorrect and may cause offence, and we request that it is not supplied to Mouth. Please substitute with 'coming out of'"
" ... "
"So, to summarise. In answer to the question, "Where is that coming from?" the full answer is "Wee (urine) is coming out of the girls vagina." Mr Hodkinson has checked all known sources and is keen for you to know that this is normal."
" ... thanks!"
"Our pleasure sir. Whilst this experience has been fascinating and we in the museum appreciate being challenged may I suggest that nothing more happens today. We've a lot of work to do back here re-arranging the card system. To be honest sir, I think Old Hodkinson is in a right state and in need of urgent rest as he seems to have locked himself in the Music section."
"No worries, I'll stare out of the window at the garden for a few hours"
"Oh thank you sir, we do appreciate it."

I am so looking forward to finding out what gender we have. I have pre-warned the museum that they may have to open up a whole new wing.

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