A meme passed on by Ms Vile File at, de-surprisingly, The Vile File;

Name 5 things you miss most about your childhood

  1. Doing anything and everything. Running around like an idiot, screaming at the top of my lungs and carrying-on with my mates. All this and having it praised by my parents ... as long as it was outside. And being outside was exactly where I wanted to be.

  2. Getting ill and being looked after. The nesting side of me most definitely comes from the times I was ill and didn't have to go to school. It would be me and my Mum alone in the house, all warm, cosy and safe. I would get food/drink brought to me in my bed. I loved it and I still do.

  3. Getting presents. Even though I do still receive cool presents it's somehow not the same. Now-a-days I know that it's a function of money and, really, anything can be got. When I was a wee lad I had no concept of this. Getting something that had been seen on TV was magical. It 'appeared'.

  4. Comics. The Beano was my reason for getting up on Thursday mornings. For the other week days it was boring adult newspapers that were stuffed through the letterbox by hard working and underpaid delivery boys and girls (I was one).
    But on Thursday's the newspaper came with my order of The Beano.
    And summer had the summer special.
    And Christmas, wow, the Beano Annual!!!
    (I had this feeling return when I had The Listener delivered)

  5. School mates and the inifite possibilities. Whilst I have loads of mates (brag, brag) and even kept a few old school ones it's somehow not quite the same. The people are just as cool, crazy and fun but I think that the somehow the horizons have become closer. It sounds "bad" but it's probably more than I am more focussed and that others are as well.
    Finding others that instantly reply "Cool, let's do it!" to ideas is rarer
    Hmmm .. may have start a new thinking!

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As most of you know, I hate memes ... but this is, *sniff*, my first actual meme, *tear*, that's been sent to me. And so, this time I'm doing it.

And those I'm hitting with the meme-stick:
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