50 Greatest TV Moments Of All Time

I collected this many years ago and love it and I'm gonna post them over the next month or so. Be aware it came from a British magazine - Cult TV - so it'll be very much UK based

50: EASTENDERS (Dirty Den snuffs it)
Proof - if it were needed - that women love nothing more than a total bastard was provided in the 80s by the alarming and (given that he had a face that could most charitably described as 'lived-in') surprising elevation of one Dennis Watts to the status of National Sex Symbol. His premature death at the wrong end of an Interflora mixed spray could not fail, then, to be one of the TV events of the decade. And how fitting that he should be dropped into the canal during a character-defining secret assignation with Meechelle, the unlikely Lolita whose teenage pregnancy had done so much to earn the man his name.


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