Vodafone: Update Account Details ... FAIL!

*sheesh*, there's seems to be an ongoing issue of usability over at Vodafone

So, I struggle through to the online system after getting my password re-set.
I then see that the details are of my mate who used to have the number, that'll be why I didn't know the password :-)

I find the link to where I think I can update the name ... but no, it's everything else.
Ach, I'm up for that and fill in the boxes and hit enter ... error in my input!

Ok, must've missed that, my mistake ... let me just enter the "Title" for you and we'll be away ... OH! No actual field to enter into ...


  1. Pet hate is sites that force you to enter things like titles that really are not important; does any care if the mail is not addressed to Mr or Ms Foobar these days?

    In my humble opinion, the Vodafone site _is_ totally broken as far usability is concerned; and they don't seem to be trying to fix it. Do they care or listen?

    Would they pay for a review?

    One of those sites that irritates me every time I have to use it or interact with Vodafone. Only saving grace for them is that the competition is just as bad if not worse.

  2. Vodafone's website is so enterprise, it's a complete failwagon.

    Check out the effort Gold has to go through and still can't get a copy of of his monthly bill:

  3. If you're on Twitter, @VodafoneNZ is a real Vodafone person who cares and listens.

    I'm sure it matters to Vodafone when lots of people are unhappy with their online experience.

  4. Pain in the proverbial isn't it ... I don't care if they're "enterprise" or "web2.0" ... this is basic testing FFS ...

    @Robyn, I have been know to tweet now and again ;-)
    Top suggestion and so obvious, thanks. Have passed on the link to @VodafoneNZ

    @VodafoneNZ - if you get this, good luck with it as I know it's not you actual job to get it fixed and sounds like it'll be a battle worthy of a trilogy to progress it. Have fun

  5. @Robyn Caring and listening is one thing. Doing anything about it is another.

    I have a list of complaints as long as my arm and no one is interested in addressing them. As Brenda said, "it's a complete failwagon"


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