Vote 2020 x 4

It's no secret I shall be #PartyVoteGreen and likely to be Labour Paul Eagle for my Rongotai electorate. I shall also be Yes for both referenda.Now that's that out of the way you should of course ignore it and do what you feel is right.First of all I would urge you to VOTE! Make sure you're enrolled and your details are up-to-date: that, no really I can wait, off you go, check your details ... Ok, good. This year from Wednesday 2nd September (overseas) / Saturday 5th September (in NZ) to 7pm on Saturday 19th September you get to vote on one or more of the following:The makeup of ParliamentParty voteYour local MPCannabis legalisation and control referendumEnd of Life Choice referendumYou can vote via post, look out for your voting papers later this month, or in person at many voting booths around Aotearoa New Zealand.
That's who (YOU!), when, where, how, and I shall assume you know why. If you don't…

[Yaaaaawn, streeeetch] Huh, oh, [mumble] morning

It was a big night out last night.
Some highs and some lows (pork bellys).
Some goods (Epic Pale Ale) and some bads.

Funniest thing though was Liz bumping into her first love at Mighty Mighty - Shane.
You know it's always funny doing that, noticing an old flame in a darkened crowded room ... and after so many years and with ya husband in tow it's even funnier.

They had a good old natter, he seems to be a bit of a Lothario living the life of a single man, top work fella but I'm sure it's not all beer and skittles.

Old flames eh, what's that all about?
I'm quite lucky in that I am, for the most part, still in touch with a lot of my ex's. Some just as a "Facebook friend", some more so because they're here in Wellington.

Not all of course, some would rather cross the road rather than piss on me if I was on fire. But you get that sometimes - same goes the other way from me for one or two. But generally, the nice ones (and that's why I went out with them in the first place, because I liked them) , are still in my life and that's really really cool.

Want some more reading - may I humbly suggest the following on this lazy ass Saturday morning:
Oh, and the Wellingtonista Awards ("TAWAs") are currently happening
The Wellingtonista is like another "ex" that I like bumping into now and again ....