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Famous Diaries As Blogs

Here's an old 'draft' post I found at the bottom of the sock drawer ... but now that the initial spotlight has moved on it's good to be reminded ;-)

The diary I'd love to see posted is I Will Bear Witness by Victor Klemperer.

The best description I have is that it is "a Technicolor version of life as a German Jew during World War II". I have to read it in stages as it makes me so angry, incredulous and sad. If it can be put up as on-line diary (copyright and all that) I think it would educate a whole generation of those that now think, "It was such a long time ago and not really anything to do with me".

Pepys Diary:
I read almost all of the diaries whilst I was living in Clapham around 1993/4 which just seemed so appropriate as it hadn't really changed (a few more police cars I s'pose) since Mr Pepys retired there.

George Orwell's Diary:
Each day that goes by seems to highlight just how prescient Mr Orwell was with his seemingly doom laden view of the UK.