Humour From The Wire, Item #182 (Letter Of The Year)

This from an Aussie mate of mine - click on each picture for bigginess!

First the speeding fine:

The brilliant response (2 pages):
LetterOfTheYear2-Responsepage1 - LetterOfTheYear3-Responsepage2

The police response, fine waived


  1. classic.

    (incidentally, the links to the bigger versions aren't working)

  2. Wow, I am more impressed with your car. A real Bluebird SSS very very nice!

  3. That's very kind, of course this isn't my car, my fine or my letter - something a mate emailed me a week or so ago.

  4. Very civilized response! Here in Los Angeles, the response would have been on the lines of, "Don't be a joker, pay up or we'll see you in court!" Which is why the USA is going bankrupt!

  5. The US is going bankrupt just because the LAPD don't appreciate funny?

  6. Heh, that is quite awesome Monique. Please pass on my hearty congrats to your hubbie for a fantastic response, sheer brilliance


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