Kids TV Is Not Just For Kids, Otherwise I'd Not Have Taken So Many Photos Of Hi-5 Kellie, Shurely

Strangely enough, once I uploaded the "on stage" photos of the fairly recent Hi-5 show here in Wellington I noticed that there were one or two or many photos of just one of the Hi-5 gang, Kellie who is the blonde, very fit (physically and ... other) and gregarious girl of the gang and for some reason I obviously had to have an in focus shot of her - not sure I managed it.

Hi-5 have, like the Wiggles, been through a stage of growth recently losing some of their key staff - can anyone truly replace Greg, noooooooooooooooo! And it showed, the two Hi-5 members that had the most stage presence (I know we're talking about a "kid's show" but believe me you can see the good from the bad), the seniority and the on stage fun were Nathan and, of course, Kellie.

Fit these captions to the relevant photos:
  • We hear you Nathan, we hear you
  • Hi-5 swingers
  • Nathan is intrigued, could she really promise all that?
  • "Feel THAT!"
  • Blurred but still fit
  • "What the heck, it's well paid"


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