Humour From The Wire, Item #167 (Facebook Fvckup)

The first humour item of the day also includes a message for us all.
I know that there are some in Wellington that have lost out on jobs because of such craziness ... be aware people:
Why your boss should never be your Facebook Friend
How one Sydney worker's claim of illness was undone by his Facebook update

There are many good reasons for not having your boss as a Facebook friend, and Sydney call centre worker Kyle Doyle has just discovered the most convincing of them all.

An email exchange between the 21-year-old and his boss has become a viral sensation in the past couple of days, readers wincing in sympathy as Doyle's insistence he missed a day of work through genuine illness is demolished when the manager points out an incriminating Facebook entry.

The brief status update, dated for the day he called in ill, is simple and to the point:

Kyle Doyle is not going to work, fuck it I'm still trashed. SICKIE WOO!

The emails begin with a manager at Doyle's workplace, phone company AAPT, asking the supposedly sick employee for a doctor's certificate. Doyle refuses, saying he is "on leave for medical reasons".

"My leave was due to medical reasons, so you cannot deny leave based on a line manager's discretion, with no proof," he argues in a second message.

The manager's reply is brief: "I believe the proof that you are after is below". Pasted underneath is the incriminating Facebook update.

source: The Grauniad (via a work colleague)

For your own well being may I strongly suggest you read the the following:


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