NZ Election Night, The Boredom Has Been Relieved By Bill And Ben

I know that, as I write, there's probably some incredibly historic moment going on in the USofA and all power to them for doing whatever it is that they've done.

But hey, here in New Kiwi Zealand we also have high politics being played out. Trouble is it really is just "playing" and so we've all sort of stumbled towards Saturday with an inevitability of, "This doesn't really matter" and, "God! Aren't Election Nights Really Bloody Boring In MMP" ... sorry, not sure why the capitals for that line but read into it what you need.

But have no fear because the official Bill And Ben Party (from Pulp Sport - and YES, you really can vote for them) has come to save our Saturday night from turgidity and pomposity and even from yawnsville. This wee drinking game - oh, did I say being saved in my world normally involves alcohol and games, sorry if I've got you so far and you're not a drinker ... then again, what the hell are you reading this blog for and pop off and vote for the Kiwi Party asap. Sorry, where was I, oh yeah ... this wee drinking game popped into my "you've got an update" by pure luck as I managed to discover where the fuck Facebook Groups had moved to since their re-vamp.
We all know the election coverage on Saturday night will be a bit of a snore. It will be flippin boring actually. But not any more! Introducing Bill and Ben's election night drinking game. Following the election will be way more fun with such activities as "take one drink if anyone has a deeper voice than Helen Clark" and "consume your vessel if Peter Dunne's hair moves".

I've emailed for a high def version - why don't you do the same because the boys want you to:
So save the above image, print it out and gather your friends for what is sure to be the most exciting and messy election since at least 2005!

If you want a high quality copy of the drinking game picture email us at and we'll flick one back to ya!


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