E2.0: 5 reasons why 92% of New Zealander's don't use RSS

Enterprise 2.0 blog: 5 reasons why 92% of New Zealander's don't use RSS
A massive 92% of Kiwi's have no idea how (or choose not) use the RSS technology as reported by Russell Brown* Why is that?

(If you're unfamiliar with the term RSS check out the excellent RSS in Plain English video)

I commented on the NZ State Services Commission blog where Jo reminded me of this amazingly high statistic:

I know, 92% have no idea … and whilst I still a little unbelieving at how high that seems from my experience introducing this “stuff” into organisations I am no longer stunned by it.

Mind you, the “young ‘uns” might not be able to tell you what RSS is but they probably use it in Facebook and the like. Maybe it’s a technology that (like TCP/IP) doesn’t need to be known but just works.

Having said that. I bet close to 90% wouldn’t know what “reader”, “subscribe” or the wee orange logo are referring to. Good thing is, hardly anyone hates it when they discover it … all growth ahead!

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